About Us

Our Firm

Ever since Rick Alaniz and Terry Schraeder founded the firm in 1985, we have specialized in helping management solve labor relations issues and develop tools for avoiding workplace problems. Based in Houston but practicing nationwide, we have counseled corporate clients across the country for over 30 years. Our team is available 24/7 to talk through potential issues over the phone, and we regularly travel to client locations on our own time to provide training and hands-on counseling.

All of our attorneys bring years of experience in labor and employment law to the table. Most of them are Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This wealth of expertise, combined with long-term partnerships with clients in a wide variety of industries, enable us not only to solve the problems at hand, but also to anticipate others before they occur.

We are not your typical firm that simply waits for a lawsuit to hit. Above all, we pride ourselves on helping you avoid the lawsuit in the first place.

Tools for your Business

Successful representation requires a multi-faceted approach—both proactive counseling and a strong and focused defense.

Preventing Trouble Before It Hits
We believe that a focused approach to clients’ operations and practices pays the most dividends. To that end, we routinely provide comprehensive counseling before trouble hits, ranging anywhere from reviews of ADA and FMLA procedures, internal investigations, wage and hour audits, and advice on discipline and termination procedures.

Fighting For You When It Already Has
When a lawsuit or other legal trouble arises, we provide a strong, immediate, and comprehensive legal defense. We routinely appear in state and federal courts across the country, deal with government agency actions, negotiate union contracts and grievance claims, and have extensive class action litigation experience.