Rick Alaniz


Alaniz,Richard B&W_0473Rick has been a leader in labor and employment law for over 40 years.  After finishing law school in Wisconsin, Rick went to work in Washington D.C.  He served first as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Labor and eventually in President Richard Nixon’s White House as a member of the Cost of Living Council.  From there he went to work for the National Labor Relations Board, first in Washington, D.C. and later in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he led Board enforcement actions.  His work took him from Dubuque, Iowa, to the north slope of Alaska, and countless places in between.

After completing his government service, Rick went to work representing manufacturing and industrial companies in labor disputes.  Rick was one of the first management side attorneys to propose taking on labor unions directly by decertifying them.  In five years, he decertified over a dozen labor unions in San Francisco’s then heavily unionized food manufacturing industry.

Rick’s philosophy is that individual clients need individualized legal advice.   He believes that legal advice can only be useful if it is grounded in a firm understanding of a client’s business and culture. He encourages all of his attorneys to become road warriors – getting to know clients by visiting their operation and learning how they work.  Rick’s most rewarding professional experiences have been the great personal relationships he has developed with clients, who became friends.

Rick is also a prolific speaker and presenter at manufacturing and industrial trade events across the country.  His presentations zealously avoid any use of legalese and instead focus on helping senior management recognize emerging legal trends before they become lawsuits.  He routinely amasses over 100,000 miles of air travel a year speaking to groups ranging from investment castors to fence builders.  And he is proud of his long lasting relationship with the North American Meat Association for whom he has served as Industrial Relations Counsel since its days as the Pacific Coast Meat Association in the 1970s.

Rick is an avid fisherman and in his spare time enjoys taking his sons fishing in the remote parts of Alaska and Costa Rica.  He also loves spending time with his wife and two dogs.  And he has been awarded “Best Christmas Decorations” by his neighborhood homeowners’ association six years running.

Rick can be reached anytime by phone at 281-833-2200 or by email at ralaniz@alaniz-schraeder.com.